SAPIN II is Here: How to
Get Ready

Watch the 45-minute on-demand webinar discussing the significance of the new law of the land, SAPIN II, and gain insight into the full implications of the legislation. 

After watching this webinar you will:

  • Learn the overall impact of SAPIN II and who is liable under the law
  • Discover the eight measures outlined in the law
  • Understand how to establish or strengthen your compliance program
  • Know what it takes to shield your company from heavy fines

Are you ready? Watch the webinar recording for these insights and more!    


About GAN Integrity
GAN transforms the way compliance programs operate by bringing together all of your critical compliance systems, documents, and data into a single, fully-integrated platform. GAN has helped many organizations build their compliance program to be fully compliant with SAPIN II and other international compliance regulations.