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How to Elevate Your Gifts & Entertainment Processes

At times, business relationships naturally lead to the exchange of gifts to further good working relations. However, in certain cases, gifts and entertainment (G&E) requests can create organizational risk by influencing someone to act (or refrain from acting) in breach of his or her duties. Proper gifts and entertainment management is the key to not only mitigate these risks but also elevate compliance as a whole.

Watch on-demand now as we review gifts and entertainment best practices and examine the role technology should play in streamlining the process. Our expert speakers from Dyson and GAN Integrity will share their personal experiences establishing and revamping gift & entertainment processes. 

After watching this webinar you will:
    • image descriptionLearn how to deploy a new G&E process
    • image descriptionUnderstand how Dyson approaches G&E
    • image descriptionReview the most common G&E hurdles
    • image description
    • image descriptionSee where technology adds value