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A Compliance Officer's Guide to Third-Party Risk Rating

Large multinational companies typically work with thousands of third parties which may expose them to bribery and corruption risks as well as reputational concerns. While the vast majority of third-parties might not pose a significant risk, the secret to successfully managing them lies with identifying the third parties with the highest risks. However, it’s often a challenge for compliance officers to approach this in an efficient and systematic manner, given their limited resources. How can you devise a risk-based methodology that you can trust?

Watch our recording to learn how you can combine technology and compliance expertise to elevate your approach to third-party management. This webinar will provide you with practical guidance on how to sort your third parties by risk and apply proportionate due diligence measures. Our expert speakers, who have a combined 17 years of experience in compliance, will share the best practices they have learned along the way and will welcome Sam Eastwood, White Collar Litigation Partner at Mayer Brown. Sam will share his wealth of experience in the definition and implementation of effective third party management processes. 

After watching this webinar you will:
    • image descriptionLearn how to risk rate your third-parties
    • image descriptionSee how technology can track third party risk scores
    • image descriptionUnderstand how to leverage risk categories 
    • image descriptionReview the critical nature of third parties