Corruption Risks & Market Competitiveness: European Regional Report

Europe is an attractive market for many companies yet, in spite of several countries boasting high levels of transparency, the continent struggles with several forms of corruption. In fact, an estimated EUR 120 billion is lost to corruption in Europe every year. Regardless of the form it takes, corruption represents a significant obstacle for businesses seeking to penetrate European markets.

Corruption Risks & Market Competitiveness: European Regional Report aims to provide you with a clear picture of corruption levels across the continent and help you identify obstacles to the competitiveness of your business. Whether you are already operating or seeking to invest in Europe, this detailed report paints an all-encompassing picture of the corruption risks affecting Europe’s investment climate. 

After downloading this report you will:

This report was written for compliance professionals who seek a comprehensive view of the compliance risks in Europe. Download your copy of the regional report today!