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How to Integrate eLearning Into Your Compliance Program

Creating impactful policies and procedures is the first step to building an effective compliance training program. While this is a solid foundation, the next step is to transform your policies into practices that employees and third parties alike understand and adopt. 

Watch our on-demand webinar on how to integrate your eLearning with the rest of your compliance program to maximize impact. When done correctly, this foundation can address complex issues such as jurisdictional overlaps, diverse cultures, dispersed and multi-generational workforces, and language barriers. GAN Integrity and Traliant will demonstrate how to integrate your policies and procedures into a suite of effective eLearning courses.

After watching this webinar you will:
    • image descriptionUnderstand how integrated policies and eLearning amplify the tone from the top
    • image descriptionEnsure your message resonates throughout the year
    • image descriptionSee examples of integrated eLearning solutions
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