A Compliance Officer's Guide to Third Party Risk Rating

It’s unavoidable: third parties increase the risks we face as organizations. Working with third parties is necessary, and often advantageous, but exposes your business to massive risks if not properly handled. Risk rating your third parties offers the potential to transform the way you manage and mitigate organizational risks in a streamlined manner that distributes valuable resources to the highest risks. 

Download A Compliance Officers Guide to Third Party Risk Rating for recommendations on how to build an effective risk rating methodology. This eBook serves as a robust guide to understanding the risks your third parties present, creating a systematic and scalable approach to properly managing third parties, and discovering the valuable role automation plays in the process.


After reading this eBook you will:
  • image descriptionUnderstand the impact third party risk rating drives
  • image descriptionSee how to apply the right level of due diligence
  • image descriptionLearn to deploy resources with maximum impact
  • image descriptionReview the evolution of third parties