The Definitive Guide to Gifts & Entertainment Management

In certain situations, gifts & entertainment (G&E) requests can create corporate risk by influencing employees to act in breach of his or her duties. Proper G&E management is the key to not only mitigate these risks but also promote compliance within your organization. If your current gifts approvals process lacks robust technology, struggles with meaningful adoption, or doesn’t provide you with the insights you need, it might be time for a refresh. 

Download The Definitive Guide to Gifts & Entertainment Management for recommendations on how to best structure your gifts & entertainment process for maximum impact. Whether you’re currently in the process of updating your G&E program or are just starting to consider this undertaking, this eBook will provide you with valuable guidance along the way.


After reading this eBook you will:
  • image descriptionUnderstand why G&E should be top of mind
  • image descriptionSee examples of thresholds and workflows
  • image descriptionReview why proper documentation is critical
  • image descriptionLearn how to deploy your new G&E process