The Definitive Guide to Conflicts of Interest

When executed properly, conflicts of interest (COI) can be early warning signs for larger organizational issues. A comprehensive COI process gives compliance officers a clear birds-eye-view so they can better understand where current risks exist and help to predict where future ones lie. While this may sound simple, it’s typically easier said than done. Most COI programs today are plagued by common obstacles including leveraging tools not built for conflicts, approaching COI with limited scope, and not thinking about conflicts as a competitive advantage.

Download The Definitive Guide to Conflicts of Interest for recommendations on how to overcome the most pressing hurdles your program currently faces. Consider this eBook a trusted resource as you build a best-in-class conflicts of interest process that will not only reduce risk within your organization but will also increase transparency.


After reading this eBook you will:
  • image descriptionUnderstand the most common COI hurdles
  • image descriptionSee the critical role that technology plays
  • image descriptionLearn how to deploy a new COI process
  • image descriptionReview the impact conflicts have within organizations