A Blueprint for an Automated Compliance Program:

Second Edition

Automation has become an essential component of leading compliance programs around the globe. In order to provide you with the best resources, we have updated our most popular eBook to reflect the pervasive impact technology has had on the compliance space. The latest edition focuses on the essential role automation has in creating cutting-edge compliance programs. 

Designing and managing a compliance program is no easy feat, but automation can significantly help by maximizing time and resources. Download the Second Edition of A Blueprint for an Automated Compliance Program for a detailed guide to the building blocks of compliance including risk management, due diligence, training, policy management, reporting, and more. 

After reading this eBook you will:

  • image descriptionUnderstand the critical questions you need to ask when designing your processes
  • image descriptionComprehend the building blocks of an automated compliance program
  • image descriptionGrasp how automation streamlines previously time-consuming processes
  • image descriptionSee how automation heightens the strategic value of the compliance function