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How to Create a Best-in-Class Conflicts of Interest Process

Compliance programs are never a one-size-fits-all solution⁠—and conflicts of interest are no exception. Depending on your organization’s industry, size, and risk appetite the way you approach conflicts of interest (COI) may be vastly different from other companies. The secret to building best-in-class conflicts of interest process? Finding a tailored solution that works for your organization. 

Watch the on-demand recording of the 45-minute webinar as we review common COI hurdles and discuss the role technology plays in streamlining complex processes. Our expert speakers from LEONI and GAN Integrity will share best practices alongside their personal experience with conflicts of interest. 

After watching this webinar you will:
    • image descriptionUnderstand how to deploy a customized COI process
    • image descriptionBetter grasp how other organizations approach COI
    • image descriptionReview the most common COI hurdles 
    • image descriptionSee where technology solutions can add value